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Roleplaying Design versus Facebook versus Twitter versus Buzz, eh?

For some reason I was thinking about the differences between Facebook and Twitter but within the scope of designing a roleplaying game. Yea, odd connections I know. That’s how my brain works and why I’m pretty much a scatter brain about things. When designing or modifying a roleplaying system (for pen-and-paper here like DnD, not […]

The answer to my question: WordPress “Press It” feature

I asked, not too long ago, if anyone had suggestions on sharing stuff from google reader in a nice way into WordPress. No-one answered and I didn’t find any solutions myself. However, I did come across this plugin for WordPress: Quick Post. It didn’t install properly when I tried it, but I played with it […]

Learning to not drown in the sea of social networking

I’ve finally converted. I’ve seen the light. I’ve jumped into those “whats the point?” and “timewasting” websites that have heralded in a multitude of buzzwords, Internet jokes and memes… Yep. I’ve given in and followed my friends into Facebook and Twitter.  A bit late in the game as people seem to be already not bothering […]