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The answer to my question: WordPress “Press It” feature

I asked, not too long ago, if anyone had suggestions on sharing stuff from google reader in a nice way into WordPress. No-one answered and I didn’t find any solutions myself. However, I did come across this plugin for WordPress: Quick Post. It didn’t install properly when I tried it, but I played with it […]

ReCaptcha, Excerpts, Comment Management and Default Tags! Here is version 0.12.5 of TDO-Mini-Forms

Version 0.12.5 of the my WordPress plugin TDO-Mini-Forms has just been made available. (It may just take a few minutes as I’ve just committed to the WordPress.org SVN). This version adds four new widgets: An Excerpt Widget - allows submitters to supply their own excerpt Comments Management Widget - enable/disable comments and pings for posts […]

Status of TDO-Mini-Forms

I managed to get through all the support requests on the local forums and on wordpress.org with regards the TDO Mini Forms plugin. So along with that and what I had planned it seems I have my work cut out for me. The good news is that TDOMF required no updates for WordPress 2.6.x. Related […]