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Where has TDO Mini Forms plugin gone?

I haven’t been updating or working on this WordPress plugin of mine for a while now. And it seems it has been removed from the WordPress.org plugin directory. I’ve put up a temporary mirror link on the page here for it for those desperate enough to want it now. However an exploit was reported against […]

Pet Projects, TDO-Mini-Forms and Forums

Following on from my previous post (“for fun or for success”), I keep thinking about a blog post I read from Jeff Vogel called The Bottom Feeder: Three Reasons Creators Should Never Read Their Forums. If I have learned anything from writing Indie games for a living for fifteen years and there are plenty who […]

An alternative to TDO Mini Forms?

I always thought if there was a decent alternative to my wordpress plugin TDO Mini Forms, that I would properly retire the plugin. Well it seems there may be: Gravity Forms. As it says on the website: “the WordPress form management plugin you’ve been waiting for”. The catch? You have to pay for it. And […]

And another release of TDO Mini Forms is out the door!

Yep. 0.13.2 is out today. See the (new and improved wordpress 2.8) changelog for details of whats in this release. I have to apologise for my lack of responses on the numerous support requests. I’m about a month behind but I will get through them, so hang on! Life, work and my other hobby projects […]

Ahhhh! v0.13 escapes with editing functionality!

You can grab the latest version of tdo-mini-forms from WordPress.org right now! I’m sure within minutes the internet will collapse but I’ve finally got it done. v0.13 adds the ability to edit posts and has improved moderation screen. I say that with a big sigh because there is still a lot to do to finish […]

Grab a beta release of TDO Mini Forms, if you dare!

I’ve been testing TDO Mini Forms (a WordPress plugin) on a live server for a few days now. Spam protection seems to work, which is great. I only have two things left to do before I do an official release: update the readme.txt and update the ReCapatcha widget to work with the editing form. But […]

A sneak peak at post editing in TDO Mini Forms

I’ve been toiling away on TDO Mini Forms for a while, but I’m finding it hard to get a big stretch of time to work on it. So work is done in bits and pieces and I’ve had to priorities what work is done. Right now I have a long list of bugs and other […]

v0.12.7 of TDO Mini Forms just released

I’ve just committed v0.12.7 of TDO Mini Forms into WordPress Extend SVN, so it should be available for download shortly from WordPress.org/Extend. I know I said the next version will be v0.13 with Editing Support, but that’s not to be. This release includes a fix for a pretty critical bug. If you are using a […]

A christmass gift to all TDO-Mini-Form users!

Yep.  A new version for you all. A new permalink widget, integration with Geo Mashup plugin (for all your geo-positioning needs), enhanced user permissions and some 2.7 testing. You should be able to get it shortly from wordpress.org or via the new plugin update system in 2.7. I won’t be around for Christmass/New Year so they’ll […]

Update on TDO Mini Forms

I’ve been working on the next version of TDO Mini Forms and the first thing I’ve done is make sure that it works with WordPress 2.7. And it does, the only change is some formatting on the admin menus. Along with the usual bunch of bug fixes, I’ve implemented new form access options. In the […]