Grab a beta release of TDO Mini Forms, if you dare!

I’ve been testing TDO Mini Forms (a WordPress plugin) on a live server for a few days now. Spam protection seems to work, which is great. I only have two things left to do before I do an official release: update the readme.txt and update the ReCapatcha widget to work with the editing form.

But to get people going, you can download a beta now from the development branch.

I’ve also been sucked into twitter! @thedeadone - I will be “tweeting” (is that the right verb?) using the hashtag #tdomf anything relevant to TDO Mini Forms. (‘tdomf’ is the tag I’ve always used to tag stuff relevant to TDO Mini Forms online).

Any comments and feedback welcome, but don’t expect major changes before the next release (which should be very soon!). Thank you.

Please keep in mind that this plugin is free and any support I provide is also free. If you found it useful you can show your appreciation via a small donation or buying me a book!

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