Flower Fairies and Revisiting “Satyrs and Goddesses”

Taking a break from coding or writing, I did do this little piece for my daughter Alice for her to colour in. It came out especially nice I think, so much so if I get the time I will do my own colouring. Alice’s take on the colours is not yet complete, but I might put it up here (or maybe on facebook) for a bit of fun.

Flower Fairy (in ink)

Flower Fairy (in ink)

Also, a few weeks back, my wife bought me a new light box. A nice big one too. I love it, but I don’t have the desk space for it. I have to unpack it before I can use it and then put it away again before we can use the kitchen table for dinner! However, I did go back to the two projects that I had left over when my original light box broke.

I first tackled my “Britney” Satyr and used markers to add tone, planning to use the computer to chose colours.

"Britney" Satyr (colour attempt #1)

"Britney" Satyr (colour attempt #1)

While I like the image, I was dissatisfied with it. So I ended up leaving it at this stage. I then dug out my water colours and tackled my Freyja concept (warning nudity):

Freyr (NSFW) (watercolor)

Freyja (NSFW) (watercolor)

It came out alright, but I became frustrated with it, a sure sign that it’s no longer fun. So, for the time being, I’ve also disbanded this project. I think the image concept I have is good, so I’m sure I’ll revisit it again.

Now back to coding and writing! :)

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