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Apparently I’ve become a morning person…

Apparently I’ve become a morning person. This is something has crept up on me. It certainly wasn’t intentional. The New York Times has this quiz that determines if you are morning or night person. I got about 21 on the scale. I wake at 6am, every morning, even on weekends. When I get the chance […]

Last night at storytime with the kids…

Last night at storytime I figured that maybe my 7yo daughter Alice would be ready for some of my favourite books as a kid. I suggested we read some Roald Dahl and she agreed. Last time I tried to read some, it didn’t go down well but this time she told me her best friend […]

Look, being a parent is not what you expect or think it is

This article entered my media stream a little while ago and it may surprise you, it annoyed me. I was surprised when I read the comments on the post how people were affected by the post and how they felt it was so true. The article gives off about a scene the blogger witnessed: As […]

Parental Time Zone

Us parents, at least with young kids, seem to live in a different time zone or parallel timeline to our non-parent friends. We can meet up with other parent friends that we haven’t seen in three… five… years and it’s like we haven’t seen each other in only weeks. There is an acceptance that time […]