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What if I could quantum leap back?

Back when I was wee, there was a TV show called Quantum Leap. Quantum Leap was about a Scientist named Sam Beckett who got caught in a botched experiment and ended up “leaping” into people in the past (but within his lifetime) and changing and improving their lives. Putting aside the whole “higher power” thingy […]

Parental Time Zone

Us parents, at least with young kids, seem to live in a different time zone or parallel timeline to our non-parent friends. We can meet up with other parent friends that we haven’t seen in three… five… years and it’s like we haven’t seen each other in only weeks. There is an acceptance that time […]

Why do Geeks seem to “hate” the things they love?

I only offer one possible explanation (there may be others) but this one certainly applies to me. By trade, I’m a Software Engineer and, as my project leader said “you’re being paid to be pedantic.” This is quite true: I have to be pedantic, because that thing that fucks up shit at some point in […]

Capturing stars with an umbrella

Yesterday I had to pick up Alice, my 3 year old daughter, from her after-school instead of my wife. Normally I drop the kids off and my wife does the pick-up, but she’s still out sick today. I brought Alice’s little umbrella along. It’s a small pink frilly thing with picture’s of Disney’s trademark Cinderella […]

Love is spam!

It’s my wife, Sophie’s, birthday today. I had flowers sent to her work. She sends me an email with the title “I LOVE YOU” as a thank you. But apparently: This message is considered Spam by Symantec AVF and was deleted.The message has been marked for deletion and the message body, replaced with this text. […]

Is there a curse of Valentines?

I guess I shouldn’t have criticised Valentines day. This weekend was meant to be our romantic weekend, a celebration of the anniversary of our first kiss. But by Friday we knew it wasn’t meant to be… Related Posts:Parental Time ZoneSeriously, Valentines day?Date set for Civil!I am on Redbricks frontpage!Look, being a parent is not what […]

Seriously, Valentines day?

ast night, coming back from my Tuesday night course, I dropped into the 24-hours Tesco on the way home to pick up a few bits and bobs. There was a few guys wandering around with a single red rose in their hands and at the check-out there was a guy with the all the traditional […]

Date set for Civil!

22nd November 2002 Thats the date I’m getting legally married to Sophie (aka was Dauphin on RB). They’ll be a big party (orgainsed curtesy of me mum) that evening. It seems to have struck Sophie more so then me. Theres finally a date from which point we’ll be married in the eyes of the law […]

I am on Redbricks frontpage!

Right now (19th July 2002) Sophie and myself are mentioned on the frontpage of Redbrick! It’s all to do with the fact that we’re getting married and we met for the first time on Redbrick and met face to face for the first time on Redbrick’s first unofficial night out. Related Posts:Date set for Civil!Parental […]

The Robot who wanted to be Human (The Third Choice)

This peice of fiction was written for a Alan McNevin’s Dark Obsidian RPG Supplement. It’s about a robot who became human and his choice. Related Posts:The Understanding: The Nature of Reality and My Place Within itThe Fudge ShopRenegade FictionKnight ScientistMy first RPG map