I am on Redbricks frontpage!

Right now (19th July 2002) Sophie and myself are mentioned on the frontpage of Redbrick!

It’s all to do with the fact that we’re getting married and we met for the first time on Redbrick and met face to face for the first time on Redbrick’s first unofficial night out.

Text of the News Item:

[1st Gen Brickies] Cammy and Dauphain getting married
(David) - 14/07/2002

Apparently, a lot of people don’t know this but Mark and Sophie (who was a redbrick member when she was in DCU) are getting married. They’ve been engaged for a few months and our planning to get civilly married in November. They’ll have a big open-invite reception. Next up will be getting really married (read: in a church) in France in May next year.

For those who dont’ know Mark or Sophie, they were both 1st generation Brickies. They met for the first time on redbrick chat and saw each other on the first ever un-official redbrick outing. That was sooooo long a time ago… ;)

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