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$29.99 does not equal €29.99, Steam

That’s disappointing. I’m not a big computer gamer but when I heard news of Felicia Day doing a new web series based on Dragon Age (I’m fan of theguild webseries), I thought I might check this Dragon Age RPG out on my new shiny Windows 7 laptop. It sounds like a game I might like. […]

Just a little bit creepy: Bohemian Grove

I’ve never heard of Bohemian Grove before until I came across this site. I only came across it because the blogger behind the site started used my tdomf plugin, funny how you find links. The first store I entered was a small market with various items and I asked the lady at the counter if […]

More Irish were sold as slaves than Africans?

Or more exactly “that from 1600 to 1699, far more Irish were sold as slaves than Africans”. This is the claim from this article. Reading the article, there is a certain amount of sense there but I can’t verify any of the facts or info on it as I’m not a big history buff. If […]

America’s Next Top Cylon

That should be *Canada’s* Next Top *Model*, actually! Battlestar Galaticia’s latest season had just finished on Sky One a week ago when my wife informed me that Canada’s Next Top Model was showing on Living TV. Yes, I admit it. I’ve watched America’s Next Top Model. I mean, its a series about beautiful girls wanting […]

Seriousily, do you think I might be a terrorist?

I saw this story via slashdot. Members of the area Chinese community have rallied behind a Clements High School senior who was removed from the campus and sent to M.R. Wood Alternative Education Center after parents complained he’d created a computer game map of Clements. So this kid, creates a mod for some FPS (First […]

“Listen here, Mr. Goat, did you poo on my head?”

My mother-in-law works for a publisher in France, kid’s books mostly. She gets piles of free books for kids. During Christmas, Alice my daughter, was playing with the pile of books and came across a book entitled “De la petite taupe qui voulait savoir qui lui avait fait sur la tete”. She loved it. The […]

Roleplaying without your GM or playing solo? What is “Mythic Role Playing”?

I was perusing the reviews on rpg.net and I saw this one: Review of Mythic Role Playing. I’ve never heard of the game myself till I saw the review. Besides the intriguing title (“Mythic” strikes a certain chord in relation to my pet RPG projects), the summary is fascinating: A great buy is an understatement. […]

Love is spam!

It’s my wife, Sophie’s, birthday today. I had flowers sent to her work. She sends me an email with the title “I LOVE YOU” as a thank you. But apparently: This message is considered Spam by Symantec AVF and was deleted.The message has been marked for deletion and the message body, replaced with this text. […]

I think perhaps I was a little harsh on Valentines day with my last post…

But I certainly was not as harsh as these guys in India: “Groups tell couples to boycott Valentines Day”. NEW DELHI: A number of political and hardliner groups in different parts of the country, including those belonging to the Sangh Parivar, on Tuesday warned couples against celebrating Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, claiming it represented western […]

Evidence of Occult activity in Dublin!

I managed to take this photo of a strange occult ritual being performed in Dublin. Whats worse several Redbrick members were involved; duke, tomo, dshagins, dimples, p zircon and grimnar… I overheard mention of werewolves. We’re they trying to summon such a monster? Related Posts:Redbrick has an army?Alice the Rabbit goes into the Farmer’s HouseMaybe […]