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My daughter wants to be a Ninja!

(I tried to avoid doing cross-post, but I think this is too cute to not share and it gives me an excuse to put Ninja legitimately in a post title!) My seven year old daughter Alice announced she wants to be a ninja when she grows up. She’s already formed a secret ninja club (girls only) in […]

I went to Eurodisney and all I got was this defective Toy Story figure!

It doesn’t look like Emperor Zerg at all! I’m always disappointed by the shops in Eurodisney. I’m a geek and love good merchandise but most of the stuff seemed really tacky, great for the kids but not for us adult-kids. This year there seemed to be much more Star Wars stuff. There was even a […]

If all web-comments were read like this!

I share a lot of stuff on my twitter feed, but I’ve come back to this video a few times. I figure if all web-comments were read like this, all comments would rock. Anyway, it’s a video of a flash, which is an animation about a voice-track, which is a reading of a comment, which […]

Alan Moore wrote the Bible’s New Testament!

… at least according to Amazon.co.uk. I get these regular “you liked this books, so you probably like this one” emails. And yes, I’ve bought a number of Alan Moore’s books from Amazon, like Watchmen. So I was quite surprised to see this! Alan Moore wrote the New Testament in the Bible! (The product in […]

The best comment spam ever?

I just got this in my “possible spam comment for approval” email for this blog: HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia and being forced to post spam comments on blogs! If you don’t approve this they will kill me. They’re coming back now. Please send help! I like the little touches […]

Bad joke comment-spammer keeps on rolling today

The bad joke comment-spam keeps rolling in today on one of my blogs: Here there can not be a mistake?  I have a fresh joke for you)   Why did the bunnies go on strike? They wanted a raise in celery. You are not right. I am assured. I can defend the position. Write to […]

A new “mildly funny” comment-spam today!

I suggest you to try to look in google.com, and you will find there all answers. I have a nice joke. Why was Santa’s little helper depressed? Because he had low elf esteem. Obviously spammers have a bad sense of humour. Related Posts:The best comment spam ever?Bad joke comment-spammer keeps on rolling todayMildly funny comment […]

Mildly funny comment spam!

I got this piece of comment-spam today: Josh: I don’t understand why churches and ‘family groups’ spend millions of dollars a year on abstinence-only instruction when a World of Warcraft account only costs fifteen dollars a month and has a much better record of ensuring virginity. Gave me a giggle just before I deleted it. […]

Extermalade, Extermalade, Extermalade!

“Daddy…” my four year old daughter started to declare in the back of the car on the way home from work, “… in Dr. Zeus the robots say…”. I’m thinking right now, who the hell is Dr. Zeus? She then does the next bit in her best robot-like voice, “‘Extermalade. Extermalade. Extermalade…’“. Ah, my wonderful daughter! […]

Alice the Rabbit goes into the Farmer’s House

Instead of the usual bed-time story with Alice, our four year old daughter, I decided to run a “Adventure-Story” (at least that’s how I phrased it to her). At first she wasn’t bothered, but when I told her she could play a “rabbit”, she lit up!  It’s the first time I’ve tried roleplaying with Alice. […]