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The value of presentation continued

My last post was provocatively titled “Fuck content, it’s how it’s presented that matters”. Good conversation occurred in the comments. But to summarise Rob Lang (of thefreerpgblog) pretty much hit the nail firmly on (or at least around) the head: I _think_ you’re not complaining about your own “exposure” but instead feeling the pain for […]

Alan Moore wrote the Bible’s New Testament!

… at least according to Amazon.co.uk. I get these regular “you liked this books, so you probably like this one” emails. And yes, I’ve bought a number of Alan Moore’s books from Amazon, like Watchmen. So I was quite surprised to see this! Alan Moore wrote the New Testament in the Bible! (The product in […]

I love it when I receive books in the mail…

I love it when I receive books in the mail. I have an Amazon Wish list setup so that people who use TDO Mini Forms can show their appreciation and send me a book. So a book shaped parcel in the post doesn’t surprise me. I fill up with a sense of glee and excitement […]