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Fuck content, it’s how it’s presented that matters

Last Saturday we had to spend the day in the city. My daughter was doing her first (and probably her last, she doesn’t want to continue) ballet show and rehearsals were in the morning and the show itself after lunch. So, me, my wife and my three year old son wandered Dublin city for a […]

Dublin traffic this morning

There is a point in the morning, where if we leave before it, we arrive ten minutes early at the kids’ school. If we go past it by just five minutes, we’re late and the difference isn’t five minutes, it’s about twenty minutes. The difference gets exponentially longer the later you leave after that point […]

Dubliners and “Blow-ins”

Being a proud Redbrick member, I keep up to date on all the Redbrick blogs on Planet Redbrick. Last week I saw this post by lickylip. I thought I’d highlight it a bit by posting about it here. He’s recently married and living in their most-of-the-time quiet estate. Then you have a few of the […]

Evidence of Occult activity in Dublin!

I managed to take this photo of a strange occult ritual being performed in Dublin. Whats worse several Redbrick members were involved; duke, tomo, dshagins, dimples, p zircon and grimnar… I overheard mention of werewolves. We’re they trying to summon such a monster? Related Posts:Redbrick has an army?Alice the Rabbit goes into the Farmer’s HouseMaybe […]