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Where is that writing niggling feeling gone?

Now I know what it’s like to not be a writer (even a perpetual amateur like me). It’s quite liberating. No agonising over not writing, no overthinking on words and scenes and meanings. Freedom to choose what I spend my time doing. Is this what it’s like all the time for people who don’t write? […]


(I wrote this shortly after coming back from my holidays in July. Not sure why I didn’t decide to post it, probably post-holiday blues). Back from holidays and I’m only a few days in work and it feels like an age. So Sunday night (which is actually a few weeks back now), last day before […]

Dublin traffic this morning

There is a point in the morning, where if we leave before it, we arrive ten minutes early at the kids’ school. If we go past it by just five minutes, we’re late and the difference isn’t five minutes, it’s about twenty minutes. The difference gets exponentially longer the later you leave after that point […]

I’d go mad for an iPad with but one change!

Yep. There is one change that would make me buy an iPad. No it’s not implementing Flash. While I can live without Flash, I dislike the motive behind Apple not supporting Flash. And Flash games too, some of them are fun. But no, it’s not the lack of Flash. It’s not that Apple are becoming […]

A Frustrating Day

So I’m finally getting over being poorly last week, but I’m finding I’m not up to full speed yet. I’m quite tired from the run of antibiotics. Last night, after the kids were in bed, I planned to do some writing (on Lost Heroes) and some painting (bought some new watercolours) but instead, all I […]