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My initial impressions on the Nintendo’s 3DS

I remember playing the NES in a friend’s house as a kid for the first time after a Christmas in the 80s. Super Mario Bros was the first game we played on the system. I must have been about 8 or 9 at the time though it wasn’t the first console computer game I had […]

Played the Dragon Age 2 demo last night

I was moaning about the fact that there isn’t a demo Dragon Age (1) so I could check if it played well on my new laptop. I haven’t really done much PC gaming in years, but I was tempted to try out Dragon Age. Sadly I can’t try it without paying for it so nothing’s […]

Would Monster Hunter Tri work as a Tabletop Roleplaying game?

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii over the last week. Still working through the offline game so far. There has been a lot of hype about this game, but it matches up to what I expected, which isn’t the same as what is hyped. I debated with myself if I would get […]

I’d go mad for an iPad with but one change!

Yep. There is one change that would make me buy an iPad. No it’s not implementing Flash. While I can live without Flash, I dislike the motive behind Apple not supporting Flash. And Flash games too, some of them are fun. But no, it’s not the lack of Flash. It’s not that Apple are becoming […]

Orb, its been great, but I’ve met someone else… its name is TVersity!

I’ve been using my Wii to play videos and music streamed from my PC for a little while now. But I started to get quite frustrated with the playback of some high quality videos, like my bought downloads of Sanctuary. Don’t get me wrong, orb is great user-friendly application. Easy to get up and running. […]

The Wii Internet Channel: Google Reader and your MP3s!

Okay, this week I have a lot to write about! My plan was to first write a entry about why I am now using Google Reader even though I had previously decided not to. But then, during last week, I saw this: Google Reader has been optimised for the Wii! Google Reader on the Wii […]

Damage Report So Far: Another Family, Another Wii

So on Saturday while in Dublin City Centre, I wandered by Smyths. Popped in. Walked out with a Wii. Related Posts:My initial impressions on the Nintendo’s 3DSThe Wii Internet Channel: Google Reader and your MP3s!I want a Wii!Would Monster Hunter Tri work as a Tabletop Roleplaying game?I’d go mad for an iPad with but one […]

I want a Wii!

I had planned to get a Nintendo Wii after Christmass. It was to be my one gift to myself this year, an expensive luxury item that won’t get the value for money out of. It’s now April, 4 months later, and I don’t have one. So frustrating. I should ordered it in some shop, somewhere, […]