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Just to balance out my previously slightly depressing post about tabletop gaming…

Here’s Vin Diesel being cool about Dungeons and Dragons: And, if you haven’t heard, a new Charity RPG Bundle to support Doctors Without Borders Pakistan Food Relief. Get nearly 700 dollars worth of RPG stuff for 25 dollars!  Some great stuff in the bundle: Don’t Rest Your Head, Exalted 2nd Edition (if you like Exalted […]

Would Monster Hunter Tri work as a Tabletop Roleplaying game?

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii over the last week. Still working through the offline game so far. There has been a lot of hype about this game, but it matches up to what I expected, which isn’t the same as what is hyped. I debated with myself if I would get […]

Power-Driving in Roleplaying Campaigns (or why I hate Exalted even more)

Okay, this post is about pen-and-paper roleplaying games but I’d like to start by using computer games to illustrate a point. Have you ever played one of those strategy based games that involves building a base, collecting resources, expanding technology while battling an enemy? Like Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Rise of Nations, etc. etc. Would […]

Some thoughts on Mage and Exalted

Over the holidays, I read a weak fantasy book called Prospero’s Children (by Jan Siegel published in 2000). It was one of the many second hand books I picked up before I left. It isn’t very good, well at least I didn’t think so. But the world and mythos it created screamed parallels with Mage […]