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Finally I might be able to start playing again!

On the 8th of the 8th 2008, I managed to get everyone (or at least enough people) to agree to start a new roleplaying game. We choose Spirit of the Century as the first game to play because its, apparently easy to pick up and just play (only one person in our group has played […]

Fudge Passions v0.2 (a extension for the Fudge RPG system)

Continuing on from Story Hooks, this is the second part of item 8 of the L___ H_____ system. Update #1: Fudge Passions by Mark Cunningham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Fudge Passions v2.0 Fudge Passions was originally conceived as a way to link a character’s emotional state to other parts […]

Story Hooks v0.2 (a roleplaying system to replace backgrounds)

Part 1 of to do item: number 8. Part 2, Fudge Passions, will be online soon. Update #1: Story Hooks by Mark Cunningham is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Story Hooks v2.0 Story Hooks is a system I created to replace the creation and management of players’ characters’ histories (see here […]

Power-Driving in Roleplaying Campaigns (or why I hate Exalted even more)

Okay, this post is about pen-and-paper roleplaying games but I’d like to start by using computer games to illustrate a point. Have you ever played one of those strategy based games that involves building a base, collecting resources, expanding technology while battling an enemy? Like Starcraft, Command and Conquer, Rise of Nations, etc. etc. Would […]

From Adventures to Campaigns… Cammy’s Model v0.1

I saw a post on LJ (livejournal.com) from mytholder which made me think I should write up some of my thoughts on running gaming/roleplaying campaigns (or chronicles) as opposed to adventures. I’ve just started, hopefully long-running, Nobilis campaign, I’ve started seriously thinking about how to handle campaigns. However I wouldn’t consider myself well versed in […]

My first AJAX!

It is an Enchanted Device Generator for Ars Magica (4th Edition). It’s built using PHP and Sajax which is a free AJAX toolkit. It’s been quite an enlightening experiment. The buzz and hype generated around AJAX is quite something, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I started with an idea, a simple script […]

TheDeadOne.net Original Theme for WordPress (1.3)

This theme is a clear three column view with a useful toolbar on top. It has support for easy customisation (per category, author and whole site). This theme is originally a conversion of my site when moving from a MovableType setup to WordPress. Because of that I added a lot of extra functionality into the […]

Speaking of upgrading software

I only just noticed that WordPress 1.5.2 has been released. Took, oh, about 30 minutes to upgrade this site, that site and an other site. Also, MediaWiki 1.4.12 was released last week. Took another 30 minutes to upgrade that site and that one of there. ’tis important to keep web software up to date otherwise […]

Reboot RPG Scenario

You wake up. But it is not your home. Not your house. Not your world. The people are strange. Odd. They don’t seem to care about anything. There are people going mad on the street and everyone watches as they kill themselves. And what the hell is it with that countdown? If your looking for […]

Random Site Thoughts

I haven’t really done any new content for the site in ages. This is due for the most part because I have been updating Murder of Crows Blog which is a collabroate webage for my regular PnP RPG troupe. Added lots of functionality and features like a random quote, search engine and email subscribtion for […]