Random Site Thoughts

I haven’t really done any new content for the site in ages.

This is due for the most part because I have been updating Murder of Crows Blog which is a collabroate webage for my regular PnP RPG troupe. Added lots of functionality and features like a random quote, search engine and email subscribtion for comments!

Unfortantly only one other member from the troupe is using it. This may change when we start roleplaying again (3 weeks without a game; I’m going slowly mad!) because theres no need for it at the moment. It’s nearly enough to make you cry. Well okay not really then.

Anyway… plan to do some writing (finish over Dreamer in Paris and start Big Brother) and drawing over the next week. You’ll just have to hang on! :)

Ah. The smell of the usual friday morning fry is wafting through my desk. Must eat greasy fattening food!

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