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My thoughts on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Needless to say, this post will contain spoilers. Deal with it. Related Posts:My initial impressions on the Nintendo’s 3DS

The artistic side of the Dead One

For a long time I’ve considered removing the bits and pieces of drawings I’ve upload to this website. I put them up here, less as a show case for my talents, but more as a place to manage, archive and possible share them. I don’t really consider myself an artist and I’ve allow my skills […]

Alice Day!

I just discovered, via Boing Boing, that today is the birth date of Alice Liddell. If you didn’t know, Alice Liddell was the inspiration for the Alice character in Alice in Wonderland. So to celebrate this, here are some funky Alice in Wonderland links. The strange tale of how Alice in Wonderland arrived in the Soviet Union TextArc is an interesting web experiment at visualising a book. and they’ve used […]

Mr. T as the Jabberwocky!

I’m a bit of Alice-in-Wonderland-o-phile, so imagine my joy when my daughter (called Alice) was given a DVD called “Alice through the looking glass”. Now it looks absolutely terrible from the cover. But then I looked at the voice actors… Mr. T as the Jabberwocky! Wow. (You know I don’t recall the Jabberwocky actually talking […]

TheDeadOne.net Original Theme for WordPress (1.3)

This theme is a clear three column view with a useful toolbar on top. It has support for easy customisation (per category, author and whole site). This theme is originally a conversion of my site when moving from a MovableType setup to WordPress. Because of that I added a lot of extra functionality into the […]

The Beginning of the Odyssey of Alice

A short story about a girl called Alice who finds herself in a strange school in the land of dreams. Related Posts:Laura and the Stalker with the Golden BladeA Tale of Cutting the DeadThe Fudge ShopDont Drink and DriveA Dreamer In Paris

A quick update!

Been quite busy preparing for the wedding. For a start finished all my Alice in Wonderland drawings for it. Also I’m working on an RPG which I’m calling “Lost Heroes”. It’s based on Void Universe: Renegade RPG which I wrote a while ago. Watch this space for details. Did a whole rack of pictures recently: […]