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More drawings from Chargey

After doing drawing exercises on texture, I felt inspired to draw, just for drawing. My daughter and her cousin both have a “Kaloo”, a brand teddy bear that has a long hat that can be used for sucking. Alice has two since she was a baby. She had three but lost one. Her cousin had […]

Drawing while on holidays in Chargey

There is simply something cool about having a hobby that requires you to use tools and to take care of those tools. I know roleplaying has ten-side dice and big fancy cool books, but it’s just not the same. I understand now how fishing can be enjoyable without actually catching anything. I found myself getting all […]

The artistic side of the Dead One

For a long time I’ve considered removing the bits and pieces of drawings I’ve upload to this website. I put them up here, less as a show case for my talents, but more as a place to manage, archive and possible share them. I don’t really consider myself an artist and I’ve allow my skills […]

A quick update!

Been quite busy preparing for the wedding. For a start finished all my Alice in Wonderland drawings for it. Also I’m working on an RPG which I’m calling “Lost Heroes”. It’s based on Void Universe: Renegade RPG which I wrote a while ago. Watch this space for details. Did a whole rack of pictures recently: […]