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“A Non Designer’s Design Book”

I read lots on my holidays, as you do. But the best book I read over my holidays  was actually a non-fiction book: A Non Designer’s Design Book. I’ve had this book ages. I read the first half of it a long time back, realised it made a lot of sense and then stopped reading […]


One of the positive things for me that has come out using Google+, was when I was complaining about my inability to make time to write, between early starts, a full time job and two kids, my wife and myself are pretty exhausted by the time they’re in bed. It was suggested by some1 to […]

Final renderings and access to an A3 scanner!

So this is the final rendering of the “Meave” image I asked people to vote on last week. Because there wasn’t a clear consensus, I just mixed the two, some in front, some in back. It’s not perfect. It’s still quite tilted to the right, but I’m happy with it. I also discovered my work […]

The one on the left or the one on the right?

Quick poll, which is better, the picture on the left or the right? If you can’t tell the difference, the one on the left has the crows behind the character while the one on the left in front. (If you can’t see the poll, visit thedeadone.net to vote) Now that I’ve got both images on […]

New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen Matthew

If you’ve been following me on twitter (or sharing with me on Diaspora), you’ll probably have seen the work-in-progress photos of this image. It took me about 8 hours to do this. I suspect I could have done it in less time if I could have done it in one sitting, but I don’t have […]

For fun or for success?

I’ve been thinking about this in the back of mind for a few days, but I find myself looking at my projects in two ways. Pet Projects or Products. Related Posts:Forgive me Internet, for I have been lax. It has been over six months since I did any work on TDO Mini Forms…Going on holidays […]

A free roleplaying game: Lost Heroes is available online right now

The big creative project I’ve been chipping away on for ages is finally online (though so much left to do). I chucked it up last night after (literally) months of procrastinating. It’s a roleplaying game, intended for pen and paper, though what I’ve put online is only the setting which is feck’in huge. Mostly because […]

Review part 1 of my Custom Dice

As part of winning these custom dice, I have to do a review of them. However I haven’t gamed in months, certainly not since I received the dice. So instead I’m doing a “part 1” of the review now, which is, in a sense, a bit weird as it’s my design on the dice! Part […]

My Cthulhu/thedeadone Fudge Dice!

So I won a competition from dicecreator to get my own custom dice, which rocks. So I spent an afternoon working on the design. I’m sure you’ve seen my the Cthulhu-inspired image on the front of this webpage (and it doubles as my twitter icon) but if not, here it is again. I thought this […]

thedeadone gaming dice?

I came across dicecreator via twitter. He makes these exceptional custom dice for gaming such as these amazing Fudge dice (image on the right). And during some testing of his equipment he decided to use my twitter icon as a test for some dice: Which, to use the American vernacular, is awesome! Anyway, he recently […]