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A free roleplaying game: Lost Heroes is available online right now

The big creative project I’ve been chipping away on for ages is finally online (though so much left to do). I chucked it up last night after (literally) months of procrastinating. It’s a roleplaying game, intended for pen and paper, though what I’ve put online is only the setting which is feck’in huge. Mostly because […]

Review part 1 of my Custom Dice

As part of winning these custom dice, I have to do a review of them. However I haven’t gamed in months, certainly not since I received the dice. So instead I’m doing a “part 1” of the review now, which is, in a sense, a bit weird as it’s my design on the dice! Part […]

My Cthulhu/thedeadone Fudge Dice!

So I won a competition from dicecreator to get my own custom dice, which rocks. So I spent an afternoon working on the design. I’m sure you’ve seen my the Cthulhu-inspired image on the front of this webpage (and it doubles as my twitter icon) but if not, here it is again. I thought this […]

thedeadone gaming dice?

I came across dicecreator via twitter. He makes these exceptional custom dice for gaming such as these amazing Fudge dice (image on the right). And during some testing of his equipment he decided to use my twitter icon as a test for some dice: Which, to use the American vernacular, is awesome! Anyway, he recently […]

Magic Character add-on idea

While working on the Fudge One Month Adventure Challenge (I’m not going to finish it in time, but that’s not really the point), I had an idea for a RPG magic system. I was thinking about how to put the entire system on a single page for the adventure I’m writing, including a magic system […]

The Day of Fudge is on for the 6th June!

I mentioned briefly in my previous post about “the Day of Fudge”.  Well, it’s official. On Saturday, 10 GMs (members of the community) volunteered to run a Fudge game, on the 6th June, in a public place for non-Fudgers. In fact there is more than 10 GMs, many more have been enlisted outside of the […]

The State of the Fudge

I meant to write this up a while back, but I haven’t had the time to do the dutiful blogging. I’m working during the day, coding free software in my spare time, and the in evening I’m writing/working on Lost Heroes RPG (for Fudge). And then of course my free time is spent with the […]

lostheroesrpg.com live!

Okay, so not earth-shattering news. I’ve finally done something with the lostheroesrpg.com domain and setup a blog and a custom theme. I’ll be releasing Lost Heroes Roleplaying Game there. I was a bit afraid that I might be duplicating/crossposting content between the two blogs and I was looking at all sorts of solutions to do […]

So what font did I chose for Lost Heroes?

After all the votes were in the font used in “Option 2″ was the winner. More than a few people said they’d have voted for “Option 6″ if I modified it a bit, but after playing with that font for a while, it wasn’t working. Anyway, until I spend money on a genuine graphic artist, […]

More Fudge Rabbits: Cthulhu, Pink Ninja and Spy-ish

And some more Fudge Bunnies… including a pink bunny with two Sai as requested! Related Posts:Messing with the Fudge bunny!Final renderings and access to an A3 scanner!New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen MatthewSome new art work: Meave and Dead EyesI’m back two weeks already? My my my…