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A free roleplaying game: Lost Heroes is available online right now

The big creative project I’ve been chipping away on for ages is finally online (though so much left to do). I chucked it up last night after (literally) months of procrastinating. It’s a roleplaying game, intended for pen and paper, though what I’ve put online is only the setting which is feck’in huge. Mostly because […]

Crossposted: How nasty do you want your Demons?

I know, I haven’t been blogging. Many excuses that no-one cares about. To fill the void that is this blog, here is a recent post I made on lostheroesrpg.com. Enjoy! I’ve been working my way through the current draft of the setting. I had hoped this would only take a week or two, but it’s […]

lostheroesrpg.com live!

Okay, so not earth-shattering news. I’ve finally done something with the lostheroesrpg.com domain and setup a blog and a custom theme. I’ll be releasing Lost Heroes Roleplaying Game there. I was a bit afraid that I might be duplicating/crossposting content between the two blogs and I was looking at all sorts of solutions to do […]