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Crossposted: How nasty do you want your Demons?

I know, I haven’t been blogging. Many excuses that no-one cares about. To fill the void that is this blog, here is a recent post I made on lostheroesrpg.com. Enjoy! I’ve been working my way through the current draft of the setting. I had hoped this would only take a week or two, but it’s […]

Flower Fairies and Revisiting “Satyrs and Goddesses”

Taking a break from coding or writing, I did do this little piece for my daughter Alice for her to colour in. It came out especially nice I think, so much so if I get the time I will do my own colouring. Alice’s take on the colours is not yet complete, but I might […]

Satyrs and Goddesses

It seems so much easier to blog about my drawings than anything else, it’s certainly not for lack of topics to write about. Probably because I have something tangible to show and talk about. So I picked up my pencils and started doing some work on Sunday. I started drawing this female Satyr, based on […]


I was working on COG and I was doing some writing about what I think “mythic” is and I was considering the nature of “gods” (that’s with lower case g and pural). I wrote, “It is not that the gods exist it. It is which gods you worship.” Hmm. That made me pause. It makes […]

Project Free Brick?

Nearly a year ago (maybe even longer) I had a discussion with another Redbrick member: Duke. Even though we had completely different view points, we still wanted to talk about certain topics without having to defend our opinions. I mean he is a scientist very much so, while I’ve been called a “New Age Freak” […]