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Final renderings and access to an A3 scanner!

So this is the final rendering of the “Meave” image I asked people to vote on last week. Because there wasn’t a clear consensus, I just mixed the two, some in front, some in back. It’s not perfect. It’s still quite tilted to the right, but I’m happy with it. I also discovered my work […]

New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen Matthew

If you’ve been following me on twitter (or sharing with me on Diaspora), you’ll probably have seen the work-in-progress photos of this image. It took me about 8 hours to do this. I suspect I could have done it in less time if I could have done it in one sitting, but I don’t have […]

I think I found the perfect tablet device for me, just hope it’s not vapourware

It’s called NoteSlate and it’s going cost $99 at launch (sometime in June they say). What it is, is a very simply e-ink pad and pen. No anti-aliasing so straight up black and white. And, well, that’s sort of it. Draw on it like a pen and paper. Save and forward pages. It does view […]

Some new art work: Meave and Dead Eyes

When I uploaded the photos from my five-year-old daughter’s digital camera, I found some shots that managed to capture unexpected looks and expressions on people. I was so taken by at least one I decided to work up an image. I was also partly inspired by the character “Meave” that I created in my mind […]

I spent 60 euros on art stuff and did this

I spent 60 euros on refilling my art stuff and I was itching to do some drawing. This was the result. Enjoy: Related Posts:Final renderings and access to an A3 scanner!New Lost Heroes Image: Renegade Chosen MatthewSome new art work: Meave and Dead EyesPlaying with the Lost Heroes RPG: “Book of Gods” CoverSatyrs and Goddesses

Playing with the Lost Heroes RPG: “Book of Gods” Cover

I also had the title “An Adventures in Graphic design and Typography!” in my mind when I started putting together this post, but I think that might be a bit melodramatic. If you’re following me on twitter, you’d have seen this image before, but for those that don’t, what do you think? Does it look […]

Satyrs and Goddesses

It seems so much easier to blog about my drawings than anything else, it’s certainly not for lack of topics to write about. Probably because I have something tangible to show and talk about. So I picked up my pencils and started doing some work on Sunday. I started drawing this female Satyr, based on […]

“This is my uncle, he can draw anything!”

If only it was true. My nephew introduced me to his cousins by announcing I could draw anything. I wish. However I did, over the Christmas period, drew for him Spiderman, the Hulk and Batman that he could colour in. Certainly nothing exceptional, but fun to do. I’ve also taken to doing lots of really […]

Dead Desktop PC = More Drawings

Unfortunantly I haven’t been able to write much these few weeks. The main reason is our desktop PC at home is waiting to be repaired and my laptop has become the only computer left in our house - so to keep myself and my wife sane, we’re sharing it in the evening. This forced me […]

Drawings from the weekend

(Hopefully I’ve manage to lick that thumbnail cropping issue). Anyway, I did some more drawings over the weekend. I re-did the design of one of the ones I did for this post, so that it’s not so phallic: I also did some new ones, continuing to base them on my “secret” project L___ H_____: I […]