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My new Wacom Bamboo tablet!

October-November of last year, I got a graphics tablet for my birthday; a lovely Wacom Bamboo tablet. And since then I’ve been learning to use it, going through several tutorials, then finding my own way. It’s actually got me loving doing drawing and and making me want to draw and create. (Warning image heavy post […]

So what font did I chose for Lost Heroes?

After all the votes were in the font used in “Option 2″ was the winner. More than a few people said they’d have voted for “Option 6″ if I modified it a bit, but after playing with that font for a while, it wasn’t working. Anyway, until I spend money on a genuine graphic artist, […]

Dead Desktop PC = More Drawings

Unfortunantly I haven’t been able to write much these few weeks. The main reason is our desktop PC at home is waiting to be repaired and my laptop has become the only computer left in our house - so to keep myself and my wife sane, we’re sharing it in the evening. This forced me […]

Inking some Graphic Art

Also on holidays, I played more with ink, even bought more pens. (WordPress is still cropping my thumbnails, so click on the images to see them in full) The first was a design I had been doodling for while, an icon for this website in fact, I like it so it may be appearing soon […]