Inking some Graphic Art

Also on holidays, I played more with ink, even bought more pens. (WordPress is still cropping my thumbnails, so click on the images to see them in full)

The first was a design I had been doodling for while, an icon for this website in fact, I like it so it may be appearing soon as a part of this website design!

This second one, was something more of a experiment with shapes and I liked what emerged. It’s very, em, primordial I guess.

I then decided to try and do an Icon for my L___ H_____ RPG project:

I really like it. It might even work on the front cover of a book, maybe. :) So I ended up trying to do a few for the different types of Gods in L___ H_____ RPG:

I had done a third one, but the lines came out wrong so I plan to redo it. The second one here also is unintentionally phallic so I think a redesign is in order. The first one works though and it’s quite cool too because you can turn it upside down and it still works! :)

I’ll probably do more, it’s sort of enjoyable way of design and drawing: methodical, creative and surprising. However, seeing them on the computer screen does change them a bit. If you like them, drop me a comment! :)

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