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Crossposted: How nasty do you want your Demons?

I know, I haven’t been blogging. Many excuses that no-one cares about. To fill the void that is this blog, here is a recent post I made on lostheroesrpg.com. Enjoy! I’ve been working my way through the current draft of the setting. I had hoped this would only take a week or two, but it’s […]

More drawings from Chargey

After doing drawing exercises on texture, I felt inspired to draw, just for drawing. My daughter and her cousin both have a “Kaloo”, a brand teddy bear that has a long hat that can be used for sucking. Alice has two since she was a baby. She had three but lost one. Her cousin had […]

The End of the World

This is a short story taken from something I’m working on. Its about an Angel and his decision. Related Posts:Laura and the Stalker with the Golden BladeDont Drink and DriveRenegade FictionDrunken AngelA little flash fiction for Lost Heroes RPG

Drunken Angel

A short about a man who has lost his way. Related Posts:Laura and the Stalker with the Golden BladeA Tale of Cutting the DeadDont Drink and DriveThe End of the WorldA Dreamer In Paris


From 1996, I wrote this scene while in first year in University. For some unknowable angst-ridden-still-acting-like-a-teenager reason, I emailed this to a lot of people. I’ve preserved the original ASCII text format. Related Posts:The End of the WorldParadoxThe Story of the PigDrunken AngelSeraph


This is another very early piece I wrote (I’ve date-stamped it 12th April 1995!). My original summary of it describes it as “the madness of a dying Angel”. Related Posts:The End of the WorldDrunken AngeluntitledCrossposted: How nasty do you want your Demons?Laura and the Stalker with the Golden Blade