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A new look for thedeadone.net

I’ve been working on a new theme for thedeadone.net for a little while now. The functionality is about 90% there. The layout is 99% done. But there is about 50% more to go. I have to choose colours and modify the layout with icons and images to make it “pretty”. I also need to make […]

Contact Manager powered by TDO Mini Forms and a new bug fix release (v0.10.4)

I’ve just released a bug fix for TDO Mini Forms v0.10.4, get it in the usual places. v0.10.3 broke Custom Fields and also prevented the plugin from running on PHP4 hosts. Also, sbruner (Steve Bruner) posted on the TDOMF forums that he has used the TDOMF plugin to create a rather nifty Contact Manager Theme […]

Check out my new website theme!

Created from scratch and all sparkling original web2.0 stuff. Yep. Been working on it slowly for a while now. Of course if your reading this post somewhere else than thedeadone.net, you won’t notice a difference. That’s why I’ve included lots of images in this post. (Now if your feed reader removes images well get a […]

TheDeadOne.net 2006 Theme: The Roaring Void

This WordPress 2.0 theme is the 2005/6 theme for my web site, thedeadone.net. Unlike most other themes, this one doesn’t have a traditional sidebar or 3-4 columns. It is designed to be ultra simple and clean. The main content body sits exactly in the center of the screen and does not resize. The front page […]

Organising my website/blog… need some feedback?

Since my foray into LiveJournal, I’ve started writing more for my website (which is more and more becoming like some sort of blog). However the way entries are organised on my webpage (I’m talking about thedeadone.net and not livejournal) means that most of my writing gets filed under the general category: “News, rants, opinions and […]

TheDeadOne.net Original Theme for WordPress (1.3)

This theme is a clear three column view with a useful toolbar on top. It has support for easy customisation (per category, author and whole site). This theme is originally a conversion of my site when moving from a MovableType setup to WordPress. Because of that I added a lot of extra functionality into the […]

New Look and Feel for my Website

Yep, a new theme for my website. (You can still use the old one by following this link). Related Posts:A new look for thedeadone.netOrganising my website/blog… need some feedback?Arg, how I hate Internet Explorer!Contact Manager powered by TDO Mini Forms and a new bug fix release (v0.10.4)Check Item #2 and 4… about 6 more to […]