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The Wii Internet Channel: Google Reader and your MP3s!

Okay, this week I have a lot to write about! My plan was to first write a entry about why I am now using Google Reader even though I had previously decided not to. But then, during last week, I saw this: Google Reader has been optimised for the Wii! Google Reader on the Wii […]

Why I’m not ready to move to Google Reader yet…

What RSS reader do you use? I’ve been using Bloglines for quite a while, long before Google Reader hit the scene. I have approximately over 80 RSS feeds I read daily. Not a big number I grant you. I know Bloglines is not perfect (it uses frames FFS!) but it does nearly everything I need, […]

Backwards tagging thedeadone.net

I’ve just finished tagging my website. It’s taken me quite a bit of time, a few weeks of trawling my posts going back to 1994 (no I wasn’t online then but I did post timestamp it the time I wrote them). The most important thing I learned was I hadn’t realised how much utter crap […]

A thought-exercise: Redbrick “Web 2.0″

I originally posted this on the Redbrick babble newsgroup. If you don’t know what Redbrick is, this entry will have little interest to you. However, I’m posting it here because I think it’s interesting and also I’m hoping that it might filter out to some of the other Redbrick users who don’t use the newsgroups. […]

Organising my website/blog… need some feedback?

Since my foray into LiveJournal, I’ve started writing more for my website (which is more and more becoming like some sort of blog). However the way entries are organised on my webpage (I’m talking about thedeadone.net and not livejournal) means that most of my writing gets filed under the general category: “News, rants, opinions and […]