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Some fun with Planet Irish Gaming

So I’ve been doing some hacking for and analysis of Planet Irish Gaming and I’ve added one new feed and welcomed back another. Using the power of python, I wrote a site scraping script that generates a feed of LiveJournal blogs that are members of the irishgaming LiveJournal blog i.e. an RSS feed of the friends page. […]

A thought-exercise: Redbrick “Web 2.0″

I originally posted this on the Redbrick babble newsgroup. If you don’t know what Redbrick is, this entry will have little interest to you. However, I’m posting it here because I think it’s interesting and also I’m hoping that it might filter out to some of the other Redbrick users who don’t use the newsgroups. […]


… and just a little soul draining. My last few entries on my blog have all been about the Game Crafters Guild website and mostly technical in nature. Here, here and here. I thought the idea behind the GCG site was/is a good one. It would be something I would contribute to and participate in. […]

Getting DokuWiki to use WordPress Authentication (v1.2)

This extension does not transform your WordPress (WP) posts into DokuWiki (DW) entires. If your looking for that functionality, I’d recommend doing a google search for dwBliki plugin. What this extension does is to get DokuWiki to use WordPress’ authentication, i.e. DokuWiki to use WordPress’ user database, using an authentication plugin for DokuWiki. Related Posts:Frustrating!GCG… […]

GCG… it’s alive!

So I’ve been quiet. Hidden away in a bunker, miles underground. All I had was a laptop and broadband. The data packets crackled with the potential of lightning. My eyes were bleary and red as I fumbled trying to stitched the limbs on… in my final moments of exhaustion, I was transfixed with horror as […]

WordPress 2.0!

WordPress 2.0 has been released! Did anyone notice? I’ve upgrade my site(s) though it took longer than usual. For installing/upgrading on Redbrick, see the Redbrick wiki article “Installing WordPress on Redbrick”. I also had to debug and update the themes for all my sites. That was a pain. The interface in WP2.0 is all AJAX […]

The Occult is Dead!

I’m going to be getting rid of the redbrick ‘occult’ wiki that I’ve been running. It’s been for 16 months but there is absolutly no content besides my own and it was serving no function for me. But, it still had some links I’d like to preserve so I’ve created a mirror of it which […]

My newest experiement: The Irish Gaming Wiki

Yep, The Irish Gaming Wiki. It’s an experiment at the moment but hopefully it’ll blossom into something wonderful! Related Posts:Some fun with Planet Irish GamingFinally finished my 2008 “spring-clean” of the IrishGamingWiki.comPlanned changes to IrishGamingWiki.comThe Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki is not dead and needs your help!Planet Irish Gaming

Ah crap

By now we are meant to have moved in to our new place. By now the kitchean appliances, tiles and flooring should have been delievered. By now we should have ordered the curtains… Well, eh, we’re still living in the Tramyards. Everything is packed, ready to go. We just dont’ know when. It was stressful […]