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Finally finished my 2008 “spring-clean” of the IrishGamingWiki.com

Thats what I’ve been spending my non-work non-family energy on recently. This is what I posted to the igaming mailing: Inspired by the relaunch of IrishGaming.com v2 by Nick last month, I decided to give Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki [1] a big spring clean (not a relaunch). I’ve changed hosts, upgrade the software, gotten […]

Planned changes to IrishGamingWiki.com

I don’t know if they’ll be a reaction to my plans for the IrishGamingWiki.com but I certainly know that within the online community there are a few that have strong opinions (or use to have) but I also know there isn’t that much concern between projects or users about these things. To put it another […]

The Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki is not dead and needs your help!

My last post was about Planet Irish Gaming which is part of the uber-cool and useful Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki. One of the biggest uses of the wiki was the convention calender, which is updated regularly enough by lots of people. Though this may now be superseded by a Google Calender yokey ran by […]

Planet Irish Gaming

Check out Planet Irish Gaming. Yep. That’s the whole purpose of this post. Plugging Planet Irish Gaming. It’s something I setup a long time ago and it’s been running for quite a while, and I’ve been adding feeds as requested. I recently did some tidying up of it and added some new features (such as […]

My newest experiement: The Irish Gaming Wiki

Yep, The Irish Gaming Wiki. It’s an experiment at the moment but hopefully it’ll blossom into something wonderful! Related Posts:Some fun with Planet Irish GamingFinally finished my 2008 “spring-clean” of the IrishGamingWiki.comPlanned changes to IrishGamingWiki.comThe Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki is not dead and needs your help!Planet Irish Gaming