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Some of my thoughts on the Irish Scenario-Con question

There is an interesting discussion going on right now over on the igaming mailing list (and cross-posted to LiveJournal), but one I’ve consciously chosen not to comment on. The people involved have much bigger stakes in it than I ever have and I’ve had my share of being on the virtual battleground but I have […]

New: The Adventuring Party podcast

Two friends I know from the Irish gaming community (and someone else I don’t know) have gone off and setup a podcast about the Irish Gaming and Roleplaying scene: The Adventuring Party. (I’ve already added it to the Planet Irish Gaming feed). I haven’t listened to it myself yet, mostly because I don’t normally listen […]

Some fun with Planet Irish Gaming

So I’ve been doing some hacking for and analysis of Planet Irish Gaming and I’ve added one new feed and welcomed back another. Using the power of python, I wrote a site scraping script that generates a feed of LiveJournal blogs that are members of the irishgaming LiveJournal blog i.e. an RSS feed of the friends page. […]

Finally finished my 2008 “spring-clean” of the IrishGamingWiki.com

Thats what I’ve been spending my non-work non-family energy on recently. This is what I posted to the igaming mailing: Inspired by the relaunch of IrishGaming.com v2 by Nick last month, I decided to give Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki [1] a big spring clean (not a relaunch). I’ve changed hosts, upgrade the software, gotten […]

Planned changes to IrishGamingWiki.com

I don’t know if they’ll be a reaction to my plans for the IrishGamingWiki.com but I certainly know that within the online community there are a few that have strong opinions (or use to have) but I also know there isn’t that much concern between projects or users about these things. To put it another […]

Maybe not the end of an era, but the end of something!

I’m sure everyone is already aware that Gary Gygax, one of the co-creators of Dunegons and Dragons, passed away on Tuesday. Was never a fan of D&D but without it, I wouldn’t be playing Nobilis or writing roleplaying stuff today. Muted feelings really. Also announced on Tuesday (before the news of Gary’s death): STOCs (irishgamingwiki […]

On the internet, you can’t take anything back: Maybe Fudge has some life yet…

Apparently, my last post on Fudge, got some people annoyed. Fred Hicks of EvilHat (Fate and “Spirit of the Century”) and Chris Helton of Seraphim Guard etc. both chipped on my blog to say they don’t believe Fudge is dead! (I didn’t know I was so popular). This weekend, on top of that, I got […]

The Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki is not dead and needs your help!

My last post was about Planet Irish Gaming which is part of the uber-cool and useful Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki. One of the biggest uses of the wiki was the convention calender, which is updated regularly enough by lots of people. Though this may now be superseded by a Google Calender yokey ran by […]

Planet Irish Gaming

Check out Planet Irish Gaming. Yep. That’s the whole purpose of this post. Plugging Planet Irish Gaming. It’s something I setup a long time ago and it’s been running for quite a while, and I’ve been adding feeds as requested. I recently did some tidying up of it and added some new features (such as […]

A personal perspective of the demise of DiddlySquat

Specky, one of the founders of DiddlySquat, has given his personal account of the demise of DiddlySquat. According to the Irish Gaming and Roleplaying Wiki: Diddlysquat is an RPG publishing company founded by Geoff Moore in 2004 with the intention of producing a horror/sci-fi tabletop RPG called Spectres. The Spectres game was intended to be […]