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Gaelcon 2006 and me

Only a day spent in the warm waters that is the national gamers event called Gaelcon. I dumped my kid on her Grandmother and Auntie, grabbed my bag of dice, ever-present satchel and a few pens, (oh and my Nintendo DS Lite, don’t go anywhere without these days). I only had a day. I choose […]


… and just a little soul draining. My last few entries on my blog have all been about the Game Crafters Guild website and mostly technical in nature. Here, here and here. I thought the idea behind the GCG site was/is a good one. It would be something I would contribute to and participate in. […]

GCG… it’s alive!

So I’ve been quiet. Hidden away in a bunker, miles underground. All I had was a laptop and broadband. The data packets crackled with the potential of lightning. My eyes were bleary and red as I fumbled trying to stitched the limbs on… in my final moments of exhaustion, I was transfixed with horror as […]

Irish online gaming community; Zombie or something?

It’s about this time of year, roughly a month or two before Gaelcon when there are rumblings about the “online community”. Controversy and flame wars generally follow. See here for the beginning of those storm clouds. But that got me thinking again. What is an “Irish online gaming and roleplaying community”? Seriously? Related Posts:Some of […]

LiveJournal and WordPress

So the online Irish gaming community has moved, without a word, to livejournal. They even have a “community” setup. But to be honest, I’ve already got my own homepage setup so I don’t particularly want to setup another blog just to join in. Well, luckly I found Live+Press, a little plugin for WordPress that allows […]

Speaking of upgrading software

I only just noticed that WordPress 1.5.2 has been released. Took, oh, about 30 minutes to upgrade this site, that site and an other site. Also, MediaWiki 1.4.12 was released last week. Took another 30 minutes to upgrade that site and that one of there. ’tis important to keep web software up to date otherwise […]

Redbrick Planet for X-Dashboard

This is rather funky. If your a WordPress user there is this nice plugin called X-Dashboard which allows you to configure the ‘dashboard’ on the WordPress interface. I only recently figured out how to get the Dashboard working properly on Redbrick (see the Redbrick Wiki Topic “Installing WordPress”) so I fired up the plugin and […]

My newest experiement: The Irish Gaming Wiki

Yep, The Irish Gaming Wiki. It’s an experiment at the moment but hopefully it’ll blossom into something wonderful! Related Posts:Some fun with Planet Irish GamingFinally finished my 2008 “spring-clean” of the IrishGamingWiki.comPlanned changes to IrishGamingWiki.comThe Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki is not dead and needs your help!Planet Irish Gaming

Banshee in Paris Adventure

Magic users across the Fair City of Paris have been suffering visions of a howling spirit in the burnt remains of Paris. Maxime, Head of the Order of Hermes, has asked you to find out what is going on and what it may mean. Even the Technocracy has no clue. A very non-canon Mage story […]