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A personal perspective of the demise of DiddlySquat

Specky, one of the founders of DiddlySquat, has given his personal account of the demise of DiddlySquat. According to the Irish Gaming and Roleplaying Wiki: Diddlysquat is an RPG publishing company founded by Geoff Moore in 2004 with the intention of producing a horror/sci-fi tabletop RPG called Spectres. The Spectres game was intended to be […]

Add a “pligg it” button to your webpage!

Found this neat little feature in Pligg that allows you to easily add a link to Pligg. The simple code can be expanded so you can add a button to your webpage that allows it to be easily submitted to Pligg. It’s not world-shattering, nor is it an unusual feature to find. However, if your […]


… and just a little soul draining. My last few entries on my blog have all been about the Game Crafters Guild website and mostly technical in nature. Here, here and here. I thought the idea behind the GCG site was/is a good one. It would be something I would contribute to and participate in. […]

Integrating Pligg beta 8.1.0 with WordPress 2.0.4 (v1.1)

I’ve managed to get Pliggto use WordPress authentication and user database. You can see it running on the Game Crafter’s Guild website. I recently got Pligg using Pubcookie and that formed the basis of this work, however they are very different. I’ve only tested this with Pligg Beta 8.1.0. I believe future versions may have […]

Getting DokuWiki to use WordPress Authentication (v1.2)

This extension does not transform your WordPress (WP) posts into DokuWiki (DW) entires. If your looking for that functionality, I’d recommend doing a google search for dwBliki plugin. What this extension does is to get DokuWiki to use WordPress’ authentication, i.e. DokuWiki to use WordPress’ user database, using an authentication plugin for DokuWiki. Related Posts:Frustrating!GCG… […]

GCG… it’s alive!

So I’ve been quiet. Hidden away in a bunker, miles underground. All I had was a laptop and broadband. The data packets crackled with the potential of lightning. My eyes were bleary and red as I fumbled trying to stitched the limbs on… in my final moments of exhaustion, I was transfixed with horror as […]