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My initial impressions on the Nintendo’s 3DS

I remember playing the NES in a friend’s house as a kid for the first time after a Christmas in the 80s. Super Mario Bros was the first game we played on the system. I must have been about 8 or 9 at the time though it wasn’t the first console computer game I had […]

The Wii Internet Channel: Google Reader and your MP3s!

Okay, this week I have a lot to write about! My plan was to first write a entry about why I am now using Google Reader even though I had previously decided not to. But then, during last week, I saw this: Google Reader has been optimised for the Wii! Google Reader on the Wii […]

Nintendo DS Lite; I’m a grey gamer!

I rarely play computer games. I don’t have the time, what with a 2 year old who’s potty training and silly long commute times. My little spare time gets devoted to writing, if I have the energy left. Despite that, an ad on TV for the new Nintendo DS Lite caught my eye. It was […]