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The FudgeList is dead, long live Fudge

phoenyx.net are finally closing it down. Unlike the last time I said the Fudge is dead, this time it’s official. The FudgeList will be gone by August 26 (archives will still be available). I think perhaps in the long term this will be a good thing (for many reasons that I’m uncomfortable saying in public). […]

Blogging, Roleplaying and other wonderful time wasters!

I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like. It’s certainly not from lack of material but simply time-constraints. Such is the life of a working father. I do have a narrow bandwidth to work on personal projects (i.e. not work or family) and recently that has been consumed by my Fudge Reboot work […]

Reboot is now under new management

Ann from GreyGhost contacted me a few days back about Reboot. Reboot is a roleplaying adventure I’ve been working on with the hopes of getting it published as a PDF. Read the tag for more posts on it. She can’t dedicate enough time to the project… but she’s passing me along to the guys behind […]

Beating my procrastinating!

I think I’ve managed to beat my procrastinating. I’ve started doing the necessary work for Reboot over the last week. However my pace is a bit slow. The problem is, I’m still itching to do some coding. TDOMF is crying out for me to jump right in, I want to do some work on MOC(my […]

Why am I procrastinating?

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t sit down and do it. I’ve set aside time to do it. I’ve said to myself, finish this and then do that. That didn’t work. I’ve put time limits on it, though thats more for writer’s block and I certainly not out of ideas. In […]

Rebooting my bandwidth and TDO Mini Forms plugin Release 0.6

I’ve just made a new release of my ever popular WordPress plugin: TDO Mini Forms (v0.6). Mostly backend changes but it should be even more stable than before. However I’ve got to take a break from working on it. I’ve made four releases of the plugin in March alone! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed working it. But at a cost of my other projects. My non-work time is split between family, relaxation and these. I just don’t have enough […]

Is it time to “reboot” my reboot?

Things have been quiet on my current active roleplaying project “Reboot 2006″ up until this week. (For more info about Reboot 2006, you can read the previous post or just read my posts tagged with Reboot 2006, tags are a new feature of my website). For those who are new to my blog, Reboot is […]

Workspace and Headspace

I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to find time to do things-I-want-to-do, the things-I-need-to-do and things-I-have-to-do. Many of the things-I-should-do, don’t get done… because I simply forget. This isn’t old age setting in however. I work and I’m parent. That pretty much sums me up today. Add on top of that that we’ve moved into […]

Making Money from your Hobbies?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Related Posts:Use Wordpress as a Forum (powered by TDOMF)!Ah, fuck, arg, shit, bolox… Wordpress 2.1.2 avaliable.Workspace and HeadspaceWhere has TDO Mini Forms plugin gone?The RPG Blog Alliance

Mapping a good day?

It is a very good day today. Yes it is. Two pieces of damn fine good news today. Neither of which I can share with any of you. Arg. Believe me, I want to. However on the slightly lesser good news and related to, I can say that GreyGhost got back to me on my […]