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So last night I didn’t write anything

Nothing at all. Not one typed letter.  Of course, that doesn’t particularly sound impressive but I only realised today that I have managed to spend at least 10 minutes (if not up to an hour) writing every evening, after the kids are in bed, since coming back from my holidays in August. That’s pretty good […]

The FudgeList is dead, long live Fudge

phoenyx.net are finally closing it down. Unlike the last time I said the Fudge is dead, this time it’s official. The FudgeList will be gone by August 26 (archives will still be available). I think perhaps in the long term this will be a good thing (for many reasons that I’m uncomfortable saying in public). […]

Systems for roleplaying social events?

Anyone ever used a system to roleplay a social event (like a ball, court, political gathering, etc.) in a tabletop? My group has played through one or two big social events in our games and it’s always been a little hit and miss. I was reading Spirit of the Century and it uses a generic […]