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Finally I might be able to start playing again!

On the 8th of the 8th 2008, I managed to get everyone (or at least enough people) to agree to start a new roleplaying game. We choose Spirit of the Century as the first game to play because its, apparently easy to pick up and just play (only one person in our group has played […]

TDO Combat Fudge v0.1

An Example Fudge Implementation of “Combat Profiles” If you don’t have time to read all this, then check out the cut-down version v0.1.1! What started as some rough ideas and thoughts on the combat experience in roleplaying games, developed in a kind of simplistic theory I called “Combat Profiles”. After some discussion, I put together this system as an example of using these concepts. In fact, putting together this […]

A thought on GM versus Player narrative power in indie games

With the few indie games that have entered my bookshelf I noticed that there is a scale of player’s narrative power versus GM’s power. Power is probably not the right word, influence? At one end you have something like Universalis that gives all the players GM powers by removing the GM. Then you have something […]

When and why should you roll dice?

I was re-reading my notes that I had jotted down for the upcoming work on LH and I came across this: Why Roll? Part of the hobby A character can “do” what a player can’t Resolve a conflict of interest Because it’s fun I wondering how much truth are in those four reasons. What do […]

Systems for roleplaying social events?

Anyone ever used a system to roleplay a social event (like a ball, court, political gathering, etc.) in a tabletop? My group has played through one or two big social events in our games and it’s always been a little hit and miss. I was reading Spirit of the Century and it uses a generic […]

Who the xxxx is Doc Savage?

Or rather: Should I know who Doc Savage is? In less than 5 seconds I can get answer from the wikipedia pipe, but that’s not really my question. I got my copy of Spirit of the Century (and this is not meant to be a criticism of SOTC, I’ve only flicked through the introduction) which […]

I’m just after spending 150 euros on Roleplaying Books!

Among them three Fudge books! Related Posts:I love it when I receive books in the mail…TDO Combat Fudge v0.1A thought on GM versus Player narrative power in indie gamesSeparating the Author from their WritingWho the xxxx is Doc Savage?

The Quiet Death of the Fudge Roleplaying System

I’m a big fan of the Fudge roleplaying system. Loved it so much I hoping to have my Reboot adventure (now a full setting) published under the Now Playing Fudge derivative and my bigger project LH published as a full Fudge product. Don’t get me wrong, I like many of the new ideas of Fate […]

Well I guess I’ll never really be an RPG promoter!

Fred Hicks, the guy behind the popular Spirit of the Century RPG (my tag for STOC), posted some advice on how he promotes his games. Usual stuff about PDFs sales, getting reviews done, etc. But what I found interesting is his how he deals with the online public. I know he’s active in *many* online […]

The dust settles…

I seem to be living in a time lag. It’s been a few days since the blog “fight” over sexism in roleplaying games kind of burned itself out and I’m only getting around to writing about it now. It ended like how all good fights end: nobody really “won”, people ended up limping away and […]