The Quiet Death of the Fudge Roleplaying System

I’m a big fan of the Fudge roleplaying system. Loved it so much I hoping to have my Reboot adventure (now a full setting) published under the Now Playing Fudge derivative and my bigger project LH published as a full Fudge product.

Don’t get me wrong, I like many of the new ideas of Fate system (which is a derivative of Fudge). There are elements I don’t like but I’ll put that aside. I plan even to get my hands on Spirit of the Century at some point. But when I saw this post on the Fudge List, it saddened me:

Sorry, I almost mentioned you. But I’m afraid Starblazer is going to overshadow Ignition both because Fate has more fans than Fudge, and because Starblazer is coming out first. Even if Ignition is a better product, it’s got a huge handicap.

HQ is apparently successful within its niche, but it’s a small niche… if you’re not interested in the genre/medium, no matter how great the revision is it’s not going to appeal.

Fudge Magic may do well, but there again I’m afraid it’s going to do best if you reach they “Heyyyyy, I could use this with *Fate*!” (or “…with SotC!”) crowd. It’s just a bigger market (and a market that doesn’t have the “I deserve all this for FREE!” mindset that much of the Fudge community is burdened with).

I could be wrong. For your sake, and for the future of Fudge-that-isn’t-Fate, I hope so… but I just don’t see it revitalizing the 1995 ruleset to the level of Fate. As far as people outside our dwindling community are concerned, it’s an antique set of rules… even if you did a rewrite at this point (of the text, without changing the rules), I’m afraid you’re going to run into “Hey, you stole that from Fate” - Fate’s simply a far better presentation, even of (or especially of) things that it inherited from Fudge unchanged.

(I just wish I liked the things it *didn’t* inherit from Fudge.)

It’s sad, because she’s probably right. The Fudge Planet that I thought was neat, no longer exists and instead the URLs point to EvilHat (makers of STOC) where they maintain the equivalent of a Fate planet. Not particularly the nicest way to find out tbh, wondering why my posts were appearing the feed and why it was all only STOC.

It’s enough to put me completely off FATE/STOC before I give it a chance. :|

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