I’m just after spending 150 euros on Roleplaying Books!

Among them three Fudge books!

I was originally going to order them all from Indie Press Revolution. Even though they are setup in the states, it can be actually cheaper to order them from there then the UK due to the Dollar to Euro conversation rates right now. The nice thing about Indie Press Revolution also was that they had nice PDF and paper bundles for many of the products. I’m not a huge fan of the PDF medium but it does mean there is zero wait time before I can start reading.

However, in the end, I went with Lesiure Games, a UK based RPG shop. The reason? They had two books that Indie Press Revolution didn’t have (Magical Medley and Noumenon). BTW neither retailers had all the books I wanted - Mythic Role Playing is only available lulu.com.

When I first compare prices (including delivery) and converted to Euro, I compared only the games that they had both in common.

  • The Shadows Of Yesterday
  • Spirit of the Century
  • Don’t Rest Your Head
  • Capes
  • With Great Power

I would actually save 7 euros by ordering with Indie Press Revolution and get most them as PDF too - that’s pretty nice. However the delivery time might be a while but that’s offset with PDF’s instant delivery. With Leisure Games I can also get two other books plus delivery time won’t be as long for paper back but no PDFs. That’s what sold me.

Anyway, theses are all books I wanted to get for a while.

Spirit of the Century

I’m not big into “pulp” or “adventure” type games but there seems to be so much good noise about SOTC I decided it is definitely worth checking out at least. I am already familiar with Fate from before SOTC and there was some nice ideas in the system which I would love to see taken back into the Fudge fold. I was not too big on the Fate character creation process though. I don’t know what changes are in Spirit of the Century, maybe it all makes sense then.

Don’t Rest Your Head

Another RPG from Evil Hat (makers of STOC). I only really came across it because of it’s proximity to the STOC rattle. I like the description of the setting, that slightly off-kelter world. I don’t know anything about the ruleset though, but I don’t mind so much. As I said when I wrote why I don’t like Exalted, “if a setting does pique my interest, then a broken system will not stop me trying it out…”.

The Shadows of Yesterday

There was a great discussion on the FudgeList about “Keys” and Fudge in Shadows of Yesterday. I’d like to point you to the discussion but I can’t seem to access or find the archive from before the FudgeList transitioned from just a Mailing List to a Web Forum and Mailing List format. Anyway, this discussion alone made me interested in getting my hands on The Shadows of Yesterday.

Capes and With Great Power

Two superhero games with innovative systems, specifically using cards instead of dice. Again, I’m not big on the superhero genre, however, the different systems behind these games has got me excited and I’ve been hearing good things about With Great Power.


An odd one here. I read the blurb and it got me excited. What I found fascinating is that it offered me as a player something new, to play a character utterly alien, not just some angle on slightly different human.

Magical Medley

This is an oldie Fudge compendium of Magic systems. It’s actually out of print nearly everywhere so I’m glad to get it. Mostly I’m getting this because I’m looking at redesigning the magic system for LH.

Oh, and it’s my birthday today, so I guess all this is my birthday present to myself. :)

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