Orb, its been great, but I’ve met someone else… its name is TVersity!

I’ve been using my Wii to play videos and music streamed from my PC for a little while now. But I started to get quite frustrated with the playback of some high quality videos, like my bought downloads of Sanctuary. Don’t get me wrong, orb is great user-friendly application. Easy to get up and running. I honestly thought that it couldn’t get any better.

Well, I came across TVersity, which does the same thing as orb, except it isn’t as user-friendly. It took a while to get up and running, installing the right video codecs for divx and mov, etc. It also doesn’t have many of the fancy features of orb. I do miss the play-lists, “resume last stream” and some other nice tricks of orb. But the quality of playback of divx and mwv is just so much better. It kills the PC, I’m serving content from but at least now my wife is willing to use the Wii to watch her latest downloaded episode of some American drama about a hospital.

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