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TDO Combat Fudge v0.1.1 – The Blog Cut

This is a cut down version of TDO Combat Fudge v0.1 (a game system for roleplaying “combat”): Just the rules, zero explanations, zero context and zero examples. As requested, to make it more blog-digestable. The scope of this Fudge build is very specific. It only applies to combat (or drama in social context). It doesn’t […]

TDO Combat Fudge v0.1

An Example Fudge Implementation of “Combat Profiles” If you don’t have time to read all this, then check out the cut-down version v0.1.1! What started as some rough ideas and thoughts on the combat experience in roleplaying games, developed in a kind of simplistic theory I called “Combat Profiles”. After some discussion, I put together this system as an example of using these concepts. In fact, putting together this […]