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My Three Axioms of Not Being a Dick that Discriminates

I’m sure most internet geeks have heard of Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t Be a Dick!” - I’d love to think it’s that easy. However life is much more nuanced than that. People can be asses without even realising it. And so we can all discriminate, not even stopping think we’re being a dick and worse then […]

He versus She: Sexism in roleplaying games AGAIN!

I was reading Castle in the Air’s latest post: ‘“Chess for Girls” — What women want from games’ and he mentions, in passing actually, that most roleplaying games have sexist language, the preference for ‘He’ over ‘She’. I know, I kinda of wandered around this topic already (and here too on LJ)…. but… could someone […]

The dust settles…

I seem to be living in a time lag. It’s been a few days since the blog “fight” over sexism in roleplaying games kind of burned itself out and I’m only getting around to writing about it now. It ended like how all good fights end: nobody really “won”, people ended up limping away and […]

Blogfight: Sexism in Roleplaying Games?

I love this, an Irish gaming blogosphere “heated discussion”. I came across mer writes about roleplaying blog when she wrote about one of my articles on roleplaying. So I started to follow her blog… and then this post appears Spirit of the Century. Spirit of the Century is a Fate/Fudge based RPG that I’ve been […]