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Getting at it, even my mind won’t leave me alone!

I’ve read a number of books on how to write and on the creative process of writing and the one piece of advice I’ve kept with me is that you should cultivate the things that inspire you and avoid the things that demotivate you. The trick is identifying what inspires you and what has the […]

Is the web trying to tell me something?

In one of my recent posts, I was talking about a Fudge RPG project I’ve been silently working on and said: Some thoughts about it though have pushed me to consider releasing it as an indie or even free project. I foresaw two major problems to producing a decent quality RPG: Lack of decent tool […]

Vision, Projects and Why I think I prefer to work on shite alone

My thoughts have been skirting around the idea (note: I’m just rambling here…) that that some of my hobby projects like “COG”, “LH” and TDOMF would benefit hugely from opening them up to input from others. I say “skirting around the idea” because I am not completely comfortable with it. I guess, in a sense, […]

A quote on destiny and fate…

This is a warning, not a saying: “To know your destiny is to destroy yourself. It is better to live in ignorance and love, for the world is fated to be destroyed by destiny.” I was at the gym and I started musing on a story in my head. The gym is one place I […]

Apparent quality versus addictiveness of a series

Saw this post from cartographer, where she talks about spoilers and how she is getting more interested in good writing than: trawl through hours of quite-good just for the big reveal at the end (I know it’s nearly month ago, but I’m only catching up on some posts now). Of course, she’s talking about Harry Potter, a series I’ve yet to go near. I thought I was just being […]

Workspace and Headspace

I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to find time to do things-I-want-to-do, the things-I-need-to-do and things-I-have-to-do. Many of the things-I-should-do, don’t get done… because I simply forget. This isn’t old age setting in however. I work and I’m parent. That pretty much sums me up today. Add on top of that that we’ve moved into […]

A thought-exercise: Redbrick “Web 2.0″

I originally posted this on the Redbrick babble newsgroup. If you don’t know what Redbrick is, this entry will have little interest to you. However, I’m posting it here because I think it’s interesting and also I’m hoping that it might filter out to some of the other Redbrick users who don’t use the newsgroups. […]

I hope to god it’s one of those good mistakes!

I’ve made a terrible mistake. But there’s no going back. I hope to god it’s one of those “good mistakes”. I’ve started to write a novel. Related Posts:A little flash fiction for Lost Heroes RPGGetting at it, even my mind won’t leave me alone!Is the web trying to tell me something?I feel like giving up!Workspace […]

Childish things…

I finished reading Ninjalicious’ “Access All Areas” over my holiday. It describes the hobby of Urban Exploration (UE). UE is exploring parts of a city that aren’t normally available to the public such as abandoned buildings and sewers. But this includes active building sites and employee only areas of buildings too. It’s an interesting read […]

Who reads this blog anyway?

For literally years, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my web space. At the moment it’s a dump for anything I’d like to keep online or be able to reference online such as my weird and wacky writings, my pleasant amateur art and various pieces of software or code […]