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Who reads this blog anyway?

For literally years, I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my web space. At the moment it’s a dump for anything I’d like to keep online or be able to reference online such as my weird and wacky writings, my pleasant amateur art and various pieces of software or code […]

What the hell happened…

…to my website? Its similar but it’s eerily different. Related Posts:Who reads this blog anyway?Arg, how I hate Internet Explorer!A new look for thedeadone.netCheck Item #2 and 4… about 6 more to go…Use Wordpress as a Forum (powered by TDOMF)!

Its been a while but its getting so close…

Sorry for the severe lack of updates in the last while. Life has been busy in a slow way. Its only a week or two to go before Strawberry is here! It’s both exciting and bloodly scary. While we wait heres some new stuff I’ve uploaded to my little site: MT-Close2 — a plugin for […]


Update (21st March ’05): I am no longer supporting or working on this plugin as I’ve moved away from MovableType. This plugin will remain available for download and people are free to modify it and rerelease it as needed. This is a plugin called MT-Close2 for Movabletype (2.65). MT-Close2 allows you to close comments and […]

MTs BerkleyDB on Redbrick, DG836G and Corrupt Firmware Updates and Selling House

Sorry for the lack of news and updates. There are many reasons. I could blame Redbrick for moving their web services from Prodigy to Deathray. I use Movable Type for my webpage and I’m using, still, BerkleyDB instead of SQL. This broke, of course, moving from the two different machines. The standard solution from MovableType […]