TDO Combat Fudge v0.1.1 – The Blog Cut

This is a cut down version of TDO Combat Fudge v0.1 (a game system for roleplaying “combat”): Just the rules, zero explanations, zero context and zero examples. As requested, to make it more blog-digestable. The scope of this Fudge build is very specific. It only applies to combat (or drama in social context). It doesn’t […]

TDO Combat Fudge v0.1

An Example Fudge Implementation of “Combat Profiles” If you don’t have time to read all this, then check out the cut-down version v0.1.1! What started as some rough ideas and thoughts on the combat experience in roleplaying games, developed in a kind of simplistic theory I called “Combat Profiles”. After some discussion, I put together this system as an example of using these concepts. In fact, putting together this […]

From Adventures to Campaigns… Cammy’s Model v0.1

I saw a post on LJ ( from mytholder which made me think I should write up some of my thoughts on running gaming/roleplaying campaigns (or chronicles) as opposed to adventures. I’ve just started, hopefully long-running, Nobilis campaign, I’ve started seriously thinking about how to handle campaigns. However I wouldn’t consider myself well versed in […]

Designing Good Roleplaying Adventures

I saw Nick’s post on LJ about how many adventures and other gaming stuff he’s written and ran. It made me start thinking about my own work which is certainly not as prolific as Nicks. In all the adventures I’ve ran, I can count on one hand the number I think were good or successful […]

Banshee in Paris Adventure

Magic users across the Fair City of Paris have been suffering visions of a howling spirit in the burnt remains of Paris. Maxime, Head of the Order of Hermes, has asked you to find out what is going on and what it may mean. Even the Technocracy has no clue. A very non-canon Mage story […]

Reboot RPG Scenario

You wake up. But it is not your home. Not your house. Not your world. The people are strange. Odd. They don’t seem to care about anything. There are people going mad on the street and everyone watches as they kill themselves. And what the hell is it with that countdown? If your looking for […]

Void Universe: Renegade RPG

This is my first attempt at putting together a complete RPG. It’s not really playable in it’s current state but many of the ideas have been refined and used elsewhere. In a sense it has evolved into, well, something completely different. The Earth exists in the Void; the swirling empty/full potential that contains everything that […]