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Lessons Learned from my holidays

When packing for travelling on ferry overnight, less is better. There is only so many bags you can pull around with you on the ferry. The overnight ferry from Ireland to France is a honeypot for 3DS streetpasses. Weddings in the rain are still great. My 5yo son is a special kind of party animal. […]

What happened? I don’t like tea any more!

How strange my mind-body works. Last week I got a bit of tummy bug involving fever and running to the toilet a lot. So over 4 days I reduced my diet to lots of water and just dry food in the hopes of starving off the bug. By Sunday evening I was starting to eat […]

Yea! I’m vindicated as a Tea Drinker!

Saw this article on BBC news with the title “Tea ‘healthier’ drink than water”! I’m a big tea drinker. I don’t drink coffee but I drink copious amounts of tea. My mug in work is about twice the size of a normal mug. However I always thought that tea, because it’s hot and full of […]