Yep. I got the domain thedeadone.net. It was a present for 26th birthday!

Not only have I cross that “25” year threshold but my little sister is suddenly all grown up and stuff. She had her debs there only a week or so ago. Check out the photos I took of her here. Man, how to feel old. Still I’m closer to having a pension and free public transport. Yay!

In other news, I’ve put up a collection of software I’ve written including my last big project Myth Maker, a roleplaying character sheet tool using XML and Java.

I’ve also written a RPG scenario for Warpcon next year. So I’ll have to be going to that. But in the meantime I can prep for it by going to Galecon at the end of this month.

Can you believe it? It’s already Halloween time. The firecrackers, bangers and rockets are lighting up the night skies already. I’ve kinda missed the last few Halloweens but hopefully this year I’ll be able to catch some of that Halloween spirit.

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