To Blog or Not To Blog…

I never had the intention of making this into a blog. It’s not as if I have the most exciting life (not that it’s a bad life). All I ever intended was to have a little “news” on the front page so people could tell the site wasn’t dead.

So I better fill up this space with a “news update”. Em. Much the same as before. Work, training, writing, roleplaying and spending time with my wife…

Oh there is something I’m forgetting. Married. Yes I knew something happened since I last did an update.

Well you should be able to get the full low-down on that on when either myself or Soph get around to it. There are photos up, just not on this site. Besides having to wear jewellery for the first time (“my preciousssss…”) and having “official” stamped on everything, our relationship hasn’t change that much.

Work has been the traditional Dilbert hell, only getting hotter and more tiring. So I’ve been amusing myself in my “serviceable time” with an RPG project which I’ve codenamed Lost Heroes RPG (it’ll have to remain secret for a while more) and finished my kudos to Alice in Wonderland with this short story “The Beginning of the Odyssey of Alice” and completed my Alice in Wonderland Art Gallery.

Oooo, check out this comment on one my stories: “i understand sandra, i would like a talk with you through msn messenger. i’m asian and 14. maybe a bit young for your age, but i have something important i want to discuss with you. thanks. trust me.” - the guy seems to be under the impression that the story is totally real and that the character (a cyborg mage based of Al’s Dark Obsidian RPG) actually exists!

Also this is rather cool, my “Akashic Records” level I did for VtM:R computer game was linked to on a forum about astral projection when people were looking for pictures of the astral realm Akashic Records which the level is inspired by. Here’s the link!

Finally I should mention I have a few new pictures up, mainly stuff I did for my secret project Lost Heroes RPG. Check out the thumbnails below.


So then, is this really a blog?

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