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The Christmas Countdown has begun!

#kids  Kids started their Christmas Lists last night. I'm not sure what prompted it.When my 8yo daughter finished, she proudly announced she only had 13 items on her list which included several sets of Friends Lego, Furbies (they appear to have�…

One of the many “joys” of having kids is…

One of the many “joys” of having kids is the family-communal-getting-sick-together weekends. Kids get sick. It’s part of growing up, builds up their immunity. It is even more common if your kids are in creche or school as they’ll get sick “6 or 7 times in the year” (as our Doctor once told us) as they’ll pick up what […]

Tristan Eats Dinosaurs for Breakfast!

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Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!

Maybe we should have called him Lord Oberon instead of Tristan. Sophie suggested Puck more than once. I think he must have a wicked sense of humour appropriate to Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night fairies. I think he looks a little like a troll too: all wrinkly, hunched and curled and with really long arms! I was […]

His name is Tristan

Okay, I promised some details. He was born at 23:48, 21st June. He’s a boy. We’re calling him Tristan. 4 hours labour. He weights 3.22kg. Story to follow… Related Posts:One of the many “joys” of having kids is…Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!Baby born last night!Waiting for baby… mad week!3D images of our unborn […]

Baby born last night!

Details to follow later… Related Posts:One of the many “joys” of having kids is…Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!Waiting for baby… mad week!His name is Tristan3D images of our unborn baby!

Still waiting for baby… but what an nice weekend

Still waiting for baby. On Friday, I said I had lost my sunglasses. I have them now. I had lost my houses keys. Sophie found them on Sunday. My cold is practically gone. And on Sunday I did absolutely nothing (Alice was staying with her Granny for the weekend). I seem to have recovered an […]

Waiting for baby… mad week!

Lost sunglasses and had to face the glare of the sun for a whole weekend. Lost my house keys. Discovered the car windscreen was cracked. Was so tired, nearly fell asleep in the middle of dinner but somehow managed to put my daughter to bed with a story and song before falling asleep completely. Work […]

3D images of our unborn baby!

Hopefully you’re aware that we are expecting our second baby. There is only two months left till the due date! Everything is good so far. Anyway, the last time I wrote about the baby, I put up a picture of the scan, which, to most people, is just a blob. Well, last week, we did […]

What can top the best christmass present ever?

Back in 2004, I thought I had found the best christmass present ever. Okay, well I had. But I didn’t think it could be topped. Related Posts:One of the many “joys” of having kids is…Bow down before your new leader: Tristan!His name is TristanBaby born last night!Waiting for baby… mad week!